Ultimate Papua New Guinea

Visionary Wild
TBD - 2022

Michele has traveled to Papua New Guinea some 36 times and considers this beautiful country her second home.  She invites you on this exclusive and intimate tour where only 7 guests will share both photographing and engaging with communities in a variety of locations. The journey will begin with the Tumbuna Sing-Sing outside of Mt. Hagen and continue on over mountain tops to delta areas and coastal environments.

The Airways Hotel

Our hotel in Port Moresby for overnights required for 3 nights is The Airways. I

At this time there are only 3 spots remaining!

Tumbuna Sing-Sing

Tumbuna Sing-Sing takes place on grounds overlooking the Wahgi Valley. We will be learning about a mix of tribal groups such as Mendi, Huli and the famous Mudmen. It is the perfect way to start our journey into “The Land of the Unexpected”.

Lake Murray Lodge

Our next destination is by private charter flight to the remote Lake Murray Lodge in the Middle Fly District of Western Province. The villagers are excited to share their culture as very few tourists visit to learn about their daily lives and how their clans dress for special occasions.  

Karawari/Sepik River

The riverboat, Sepik Spirit, is all ours to gain access to some stunning Karawari/Sepik River areas. The vessel holds 16 but our exclusive group will have all the attention of the crew and one of the best guides, Joe. We will fly to board the vessel by small plane charter.

Kumul Lodge

Kumul Lodge is located in Enga Province surrounded by beautiful mountain areas. It is a more simple and locally owned lodge where we can view a variety of birds right behind the lodge – even the stunning Ribbon-tailed Astrapia Bird of Paradise. Included is a visit to a local village. Once again, their way of life and body decor is completely different than the Fly or Sepik River Territories.

Tufi in Oro Province

I highly recommend that you join us on the extension to Tufi in Oro Province. If you travel that far – see as much as you can and Tufi is never a disappointment. The incredible views from the lodge to my wantoks (friends) in the villages, will be a time you will never forget.

Only 7 guests!

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