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  • 30 x 38
  • Limited Edition of 50
  • Archival Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper
  • Certificate of Authenticity

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The Humphead Wrasse, also called the Maori or Napoleon wrasse is the largest member of the family Labridae. The males can grow up to 6 feet in length and live up to 30 years.  Now endangered, due to the demands of the “lips” as a delicacy, these magnificent creatures are special to see in the wild.

Archival quality canvas paper and ink and mirrored for frame wrapping.  The limited edition is 50, sized at 30” x 38” and comes with a certificate of authenticity. I am proud to say that Actor, Robert Downey, Jr. purchased a copy via an art gallery in Southern California. This image has been displayed in exhibitions internationally and highlighted in many publications.


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Humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) . These animals are endangered and on the IUCN Red List because of the demand in the Asian market for their lips – quite the delicacy. They can be found in warm tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region. The males can grow to length of five feet and weight some 400 pounds. Their lifespan can be up to 30 years. I remained in one position and let this big male swim around me in order to obtain a different angle. Fishhead Mushimas Thila reef, Ari Atoll, Feridhoo Region, Indian Ocean, Maldives.